Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wallace 7 Months


I keep telling people you're 6 months old when they ask, but you really turned 7 months old a couple of days ago.  You have really changed a lot this month, in a fun way!

You are now officially a sitter!  You will still tip over after a few minutes if you get distracted, but you are really good at sitting unsupported.  You have also started going up on your hands and knees, planking, and rocking a little bit, as well as scooting backwards.  I am A-OK with you being non mobile so don't get any ideas about learning how to crawl quite yet ; )

You have started getting upset when I walk out of the room.  I guess it's separation anxiety because you get upset when anyone leaves, especially Wilson.  It's so sweet yet pitiful when you cry after he runs into a different room.  You make the most pitiful little face I've ever seen.  You are a little sensitive, and I wonder how that will play out as you get older.  You can get whatever you want if you make that heart breaking pitiful face.

You belly laugh when we do something silly or crazy.  Daddy and Wilson can make you laugh big time.  

You love watching fans, playing in the sand, and being in the pool or bath tub.  You are very interested in toys now, especially your Sophie, soft blankets, Duckie teether, and books.

You can transfer objects, and you are just learning how to pick up Puffs  (you eat all stage 2 baby foods, meat included, and we just introduced you to puffs this week).  You now only nurse in the morning and at night (no more pumping!!!).  You don't mind your formula bottles at all.  You tried Yo Baby yogurt and loved it!  Orange veggies still trump green, but you will eat anything.  I pray that you continue to be such a good eater.

You have started babbling a little bit:  da da da, and ma ma ma!  You have officially entered the grabby phase!  

You take excellent naps when we are at home, and you're able to sleep in your crib.  Your daycare naps are definitely shorter.

Daddy and I were just talking tonight about your sweet little face.  We could just stare at you all day long.  Thank you, Lord, for sweet baby Wallace.  Please continue to guide as we raise Him to be a follower of You, Lord.

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