Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Surprise 30th Party

The fact that Caleb successfully planned and pulled off a surprise 30th bday party for me means so much more than the average person could appreciate.  I am ridiculous type A, always planning, and always thinking of every detail.  He knows that so he had to think and plan EXTRA hard.  When he gave me a night away for Mother's Day, I totally bought it and was thrilled.  It was genius for me to arrange to have the kids taken care of, etc.  I seriously did NOT see it coming.  At. All. 

He had a lot of help from Anna and Alyssa with guest lists, decorations, etc.  

I loved my cake.  Caleb picked it out all himself, and I'm super proud of him.

The tables all had embarrassing pictures of me, which were sadly quite easy to find.

An hour before the party was to start, I was texting Alyssa complaining about how I wish my mom would hurry up and get the kids.  I hadn't even had time to take a shower, and I was just stuffing their faces with food as quickly as possible.  Little did I know my mom was stalling so they could get everything set up.  Then Caleb came home and decided he needed to take a shower, too.  Again, stalling.

We drove down to the club house in our neighborhood, and I honestly had zero idea until we drove up.  I was shocked and so happy to see friends and family standing outside!

Caleb knows I love a good party, and it truly means so much to me that he spent all the time he did planning such a special way for me to celebrate turning 30.

I can't say thank you enough to all the sweet people coming out to celebrate with me.  As I've gotten a little older, 30 to be exact, I have learned how hard it is to find good friends.  I've also learned how hard it is sometimes to get out and make it to events, etc.  The fact that these people were willing to come spend time with me makes me so happy.  I love you all!!

Caleb got some major husband points for planning this special night!  Alyssa and Anna got some major BFF and cousin points, too ; ) Here's to hoping my next 30 years are just as blessed!


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