Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Atlanta 2015

For Mother's Day, we all went in to give my mom (and dad, but he bailed) tickets to a Braves game.  She used to be obsessed with Chipper Jones.  He's retired now, but it was still fun (but really hot - we don't blame you, Papa Curt!).

We went early Saturday morning to take the kids to the Georgia Aquarium.  I had never been, and I was super impressed with it.  Our first stop was the dolphin show.  It was AMAZING.

John, Britt, and Thomas met us there while my mom shopped for a little while.  The boys all really enjoyed seeing the animals.

Later, we went across the street to Centennial Olympic Park.  We stayed at the Westin right in the middle of everything making it very convenient to walk places.

Hotel life is super fun with kiddos!

Sink bath for the win!  Wallace looks happy here, but don't let it fool you.  He decided to hate his pack and play that night and ended up sleeping most of the night on my chest.  I do NOT sleep with babies in the bed with me so it was a LONG night.  We love you anyway, kiddo.

Pillow fight!  Wilson slept with Gigi in her room so that helped!

The next morning, we walked to Waffle House for breakfast before going to the game.  Jordan and Rachel met us at the game.

Mom, we can never thank you enough for all you do for your 3 children.  As a mommy now, I am starting to realize how hard it is and how much you sacrificed over the years for us.  

First Braves game!

Gigi fed  my baby a snow cone, and he loved it.

A boy and his daddy


We were all super sweaty!

This group shot is the best we could get.

Wilson has a major crush on Jordan's girlfriend, Rachel.

That little face...

Wilson got a new tee.  I love an oversized tee on him!

We had a fun, hot trip, and we hope Gigi did, too!


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