Saturday, October 10, 2015

First Day of School 2015

Our boys never really have a last day of school since they go to First Baptist all through the summer, but their official first day was August 31.  

Wallace moved up into the older babies room.  It's the room for mobile babies.  We LOVE his teachers, and he is especially close with Mrs. Juliane.  She's in the young baby room, but she comes to his room a LOT.  He also has Suzanne, Kristen, and Kelly, and we love them all!  They love our baby, and that's what means so much to us.

Wilson moved up to 3K.  This transition was the first time his August birthday was a pretty major issue.  FBS has a pretty strict potty training rule for moving into 3K.  Wilson had a major regression with going potty at school as he had several different teachers during his last month or so in the 2's.  It was pretty awful - for him, for his teachers, and for his momma.

Praise the Lord he transitioned super awesome, and one of his teachers, Mrs. John, moved up to the 3s and is his teacher now.  That was a totally God thing for us b/c Wilson does not do change well.  AT ALL.

Mrs. John "gets" Wilson, and they are off to a great start this school year.  Mrs. Gossett and Mrs. Furr are his other teachers.

The decision to work while being a mom is a tough one, and I feel at peace with them being at FBS.  It's great for them to have that interaction with the other kiddos while I'm working 3.5 days a week.

Caleb and I love that they learn about Jesus in the midst of learning social skills and now academic stuff, too.

Oh, Wilson...

Praying for a great year for our boys, their teachers, and their friends!


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