Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wallace 10 Months

Your months keep passing faster and faster.  10 months with you has flown by.  You continue to have the sweetest spirit, but you can have a little temper if we take away your steering wheel.  You LOVE to sit in front of a steering wheel, rather in our cars or your cozy coupe.  You don't show your frustration often, and it's easily resolved, but it's there.  It's so rare for us to see you upset, and that's about the only time it happens.  Thank you, Lord, for such an easy going baby boy!

You were getting over a little virus on the day I took your pictures so you weren't totally thrilled about them.  You ran a fever of about 102 for a couple of days and didn't have a great appetite with food.  You got over it rather quickly, and we are glad you are back to feeling like a healthy boy now.  

You are on the GO all the time.  You want to walk so badly, and you take steps all day long if you're holding our hands.  You cruise all along the furniture and will move all around the house if you have something to push.  Your faves are a laundry basket or the little brown stool.  You are also a climber.  I can't turn my head for a second of you'll be at the top of the stair case (or on top of the train table).

Your curly, brown hair is adorable, and your sweet little smile melts my heart.  You are a great eater, but fresh fruits and vegetables are your favorites.  You've been doing great with a straw cup and spout cup for water.

You love to play independently, and you are now clapping and waving.  You also do the "Indian" with your hand on your mouth.  You love to be standing, and you love toys with a handle.  You're a happy dude with a drum stick or a hammer.  If you get fussy in the car, we sing to you to calm you down.  I also sing or hum to you at nap time and night time to help you settle down.  

We call you "baby Wawwace," "little buddy," and "wally world."

You drink 4 bottles a day, but you could honestly do without 2 of them.  I don't think giving up the bottle will be a challenge for you.  Your brother plays a little rough with you, and you usually roll with it just fine.  He will occasionally hug you a little too rough, and you'll look up at my to rescue you.  It's sweet and pitiful all at the same time.  Ya'll really do love each other, and he makes you cackle!

We love you to pieces, Wallace, and I am trying hard to cherish every second with you.  Your sweet nature makes my day every day.  Thanks for being ours!

Love, Mommy and Daddy


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