Sunday, September 6, 2015

WIlson's 3rd Birthday Party!

This year was the first time Wilson was interested in choosing the theme for this b-day party.  At first, he wanted a "monsta truck" party, but then he changed his mind to a dump truck party.  So construction theme it was!  We had it on Saturday afternoon from 4-6 at our neighborhood pool.  The weather was perfection, and he had lots of sweet friends and family come celebrate with him.

He loved the party prep, especially filling the dump truck piñata with candy.

Well sleigh and family arrived early, and these 2 little cuzzos had a blast playing together.

Cake table!

We love Sam's cupcakes, and Cakeheads made this delicious construction cake.

They were my little decorating buddies.

We went pretty simple with food - pizza, fruit tray, veggie tray, and cake.

Construction hats for party favors!

Gigi and Wilson

Jordan and Daddy

Rachel and Jordan (Side note:  Wilson has a huge crush on Rachel)

Our best attempts at a pic of the 4 of us

Wilson's 2K teacher and now his 3K teacher Miss John came to his party - so sweet!  

Our neighborhood buds

Wilson was super shy at his party, even with his girlfriend Emma.

Aunt Jeanie, Bibi, and Gigi with Wallace and Thomas.  We were so glad Bibi happened to be in town to make it by the party.

Wilson still is not a fan of being sung to his b-day.

While I'm not sure how to handle it, I do love this shy baby boy.

Shy, I tell ya.

He started opening up when it was present time though.

Wilson, you are one loved little boy.  We love celebrating you at a special party every year!  I still can't believe you are THREE!


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