Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wilson's 3K Spring Fair

We have always been told and noticed that Wilson is shy in the school setting, and seeing it in person made it even more clear.  He is by far the youngest kid in his class, and to me, he's still a baby.  It was the cutest thing ever seeing him walk in with his classmates to a huge room full of parents waiting to hear the preschoolers sing about Jesus.

But don't even think about having him look at you in the big crowd.

He turned his back to the audience the entire time.  It was hilarious, but I do feel bad knowing he must absolutely HATE group performances.

He was proud as punch though showing his crafts he had made throughout the year.

3K has definitely been a big adjustment for our boy, and we are so proud of him.  He has learned so much, and we are blown away by how much he knows.  He struggled with (intentionally for attention) having potty accidents at the beginning of the year, but praise the Lord, we finally worked that out after coming up with a reward system with his teacher, Miss John.  

He's so shy in the big crowd, but I sure do love those sweet little snuggles.

Miss John has been so good for Wilson, and she finally figured him out.  

These are from just one Sunday morning before church.  Love their sweet smiles!

The boys LOVE pulling all of Caleb's ties down off the wall in the closet, and Caleb gets so annoyed by it.  So my laughter and picture taking of them taking them down AND bringing them into the living room was a little much ; )

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