Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pregnancy with Baby #3

I have officially made it farther along with Baby #3 than I did with the other 2.  It's kinda crazy, but it's kinda nice.  I have said all along that I would like to make it to my scheduled c-section date due to the planned nature of it, and we just may do that.  I just pray for God's will to be done on the timing and method of arrival for this sweet baby boy.  We can't WAIT to hold you, Baby Woods!

I want to  remember the little details of this pregnancy as it is more than likely our last one.  I don't want to say it definitely is, but I feel like the Lord has blessed us so much, and becoming a family of 5 may just max us out!

Woods has been such an active baby.  I have felt more movement from him than I did with Wilson or Wallace.  My fluid level has been a little elevated again so I've had some extra testing.  He has measured to be a bigger than average baby, and he keeps his little bootie up on my right side.  

I've felt great for the most part.  I had one little fainting episode at work which led to a workup with a cardiologist.  I plan to just follow up with him sometime after delivery to make sure all my heart pressures, etc., go back to normal.  

Sleep has been ok other than a couple of weeks that I dealt with some severe tailbone pain.  I was tossing and turning, rolling over constantly, and having to pee all the time.  Thankfully, that has improved now!

Woods, we can't wait to see if you bridge the gap of looking like your brothers or if you are completely unique in appearance, too.  We already love you so much, and we are so thankful the Lord has kept you safe in my tummy for this long!!

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