Saturday, August 6, 2016

Gregory Beach Vacay 2016

We were on the beach within about 30 minutes of arriving at the beach for our annual Gregory beach vacay this year.  We didn't think they would end up in the water so we didn't bother changing clothes, but whoops.  Of course, wild man Wallace was soaking wet.

Wilson LOVED the sand and ocean this year!

Having a baby pool at the resort was super fun!

The guys on the beach!

And the girls!

Gigi cooked spaghetti the first night - yum!  It's pretty much Wallace's favorite food.

The creek is always a hit - the boys love catching fishes.

Gigi and Bibi came down to the beach for a little while to visit.

Bibi brought gifts for the babies, of course!

Wallace LOVED his new watering can!

Brothers : )

Big Momma

The lazy river floats are a huge hit!

And so were the ducks that showed up.  Poor things got chased all around!

We ran into some sweet friends at Murrells Inlet while we waited for a table at Drunken Jacks.

Gigi and Papa swimming with the babies!

Wallace decided to use the potty.  Once.

Bibi and Dan had us all over for dinner one night, and it was so much fun!

Vacations with littles are definitely exhausting, but so much fun.  We were constantly getting on swim clothes, sunscreen, playing at the pool or ocean, taking naps, then doing it all over again.  I wouldn't trade it for a thing!

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