Sunday, August 7, 2016

Massengill Vacay 2016

These pictures got in complete reverse order so our Massengill vacay review will be in reverse.

We went home on Thursday night late because I had a check up for Baby Woods Friday morning.  So we left literally seconds after this picture was taken on appetizer night.  I was a hot, sweaty mess, and the kids were exhausted.  But driving home at night actually worked out well.  They slept most of the way home, except for some moments with Wallace fussed, and went right to bed when we got here.

Wallace loved hanging out with all his big cousins.

The kid loves a stage!

The night we took the group pictures was the one day my kids didn't nap.  And it was very obvious while trying to take pictures.  Luckily, it makes me laugh more than anything, and I think these made for some hilarious memories.

Caleb was super dad on the beach as I helped a little bit and just tried my best to not sweat to death.

Building this tunnel was the highlight of these boy's week.

You would think we were torturing poor Wilson.

Gramme and Papa with all the grands!

Our little family of 4.  Can't believe we'll have 3 kids the next time we go to the beach!

The 6 little cousins!

The girls!

Wallace makes this little face all the time, and it cracks me up!

My fave pic of the whole week : )

Wilson and Wellsleigh had a blast playing together all week.  I love how much they loved the beach!

What a fun week at Ocean Isle!

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