Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wilson is 4 years old!

Wilson James, 

I can't believe you are 4 YEARS old.  You rocked our world, in a great way, 4 years ago, and we have learned so much from you over the years.  

You are quite the "show-off" and are constantly saying "Wook at me, Mommy" and "Watch dis, Mommy!"
Fink = think
stursty = thirsty

You love Rescue Bots.  It is hands down your fave TV show.  You also like Blaze and Paw Patrol.

You LOVE playing chase, especially having Wallace chase you around the house.  You were so sweet and rubbed my belly when Woods was in there (he's here NOW!)  You weren't totally sure about him at first, but you LOVE him now and want to give him kisses all the time.  You are such a great BIGGEST brother!

You love to cuddle with us, and I have come to love it just as much.  Most nights, you come to our room during the night to go potty and then crawl in bed with us.  I know we'll miss those snuggles one day.  Your daddy especially loves when you curl up next to him.

You have learned how to cut with scissors, recognize all capital letters and their sounds, and can count to 20.  13 and 14 give you a little trouble though.  You can draw a person with eyes, nose, mouth, hair, arms, and legs.  

When I tell you we have to leave somewhere, you ask for "49 minutes" more to play.

Your fave foods are pepperoni pizza, toast and blobs (oatmeal), blueberry eggos, strawberries, and chicken nuggets and french fries.

Trucks are your favorite thing to play with.   You love to play rescue and save people.  You often tell me "Don't worry, mommy.  If you see a dragon, I will get him for you!"  I love having a little protector!

You are still shy around new people and settings.  You don't like having to tell a new teacher or sunday school worker when you have to go potty.

That shy nature can be the cutest thing at times, but it is also a challenge.

Wilson, I cannot express how much we love you.  The Lord has blessed us beyond measure by letting us be your parents.  Thank you for being ours!

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