Friday, October 21, 2016

Woods 2 Months

Baby Woodsie, 

As of October 9, when I took the pictures, you are 2 months old.  It has been a FAST 2 months, minus the sleepless nights.  We finally figured out that you have some reflux which may be affecting your ability to sleep like a rockstar.  Plus, you're a hungry, nursing boy.

The good news is - you are now SMILING and COOING.  It's the BEST!  You smile the most when you're lying flat on your back.

You love to be sung to - Jesus Loves Me and Glory Glory to ole Georgia are some faves.

You eat every 3 hours during the day and about every 3-4 at night.

At your 2 month well check, Dr. Colburn mentioned how good you are with your hands already.  

You started smiling at 6 weeks old, and it has increased with time.

Bath time is your JAM.  You LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  It calms you down so well.

You do cry when you're sleepy, and you fight it like a champ if you're in the car seat.  Unless I time it JUSTTTT right.  Which can be difficult when I'm timing it already a family of 5's schedule.

You still have a clogged tear duct, baby acne has improved a TON, and we found out that you will likely need surgery in a couple of months.

Oh, and you also rolled front to back 3 times now.  Maybe because you don't love tummy time.  But you are great at holding your head up and looking all around.  You can scoot yourself around on your back.  I often find you in a different position in your crib than how I put you down.

2 Month Stats:
Height: 24 inches, 81%
Weight 12 lb 5 oz, 39%
Head Circ: 39.7 cm, 57%

You are growing perfectly and are so healthy.  Praise the Lord!  We are, of course, anxious about your surgery for a possible hernia, but we trust that the Lord will keep you safe!  You did great with your first set of vaccines!  You cried while you got the shots, but you were happy within seconds.

We love you to pieces!

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