Saturday, November 12, 2016

Woods 3 Months

Baby Woods, 
(Pictures from Nov. 9 - at 6 pm - because it was a crazy day!)

You are becoming such a sweet baby boy.  Your smile is just so precious, and you let us see it so easily now.  You even try to laugh, but it's like this little silent laugh.  The smiles and attempts to laugh definitely help when we are so incredibly tired.

I went back to work on Halloween, and you've been doing great with Gigi.  The first day, you struggled a little bit with the bottle, but now you have the hang of it.  That's a good thing because we've been supplementing with some formula as my supply has gone down a bit.  I think it's probably from the lack of sleep.  There was one night this week that beginning around 4 am, Caleb and I were up with one of you 3 boys at all times.  I blame it on daylight savings time.

You are wearing size 3-6 months clothes, and we need to switch you to size 2 diapers.  We have one pack of 1s left that I'm determined to use up.  You still LOVE your bath, and you're becoming a tummy time pro.  One night, I found you face down in your swaddle in the crib.  You had somehow rolled yourself over in your swaddle.  Now we swaddle you with your arms free, and it seems to be helping.  You love to self soothe with your hands.

You are cooing/talking a LOT now, too.  It is the sweetest sound.  You talk a lot to Gigi, especially.  I'm glad you 2 love each other so much.  

You take Nexium for reflux, and it has definitely helped.  Your baby acne is all better now, and your goopy eyes have improved, too.

Your brothers are loving you more each and every day.  Wallace will NOT go to bed without kissing you goodnight first.  It's adorable.

We love you to pieces, Woods, and we are so thankful that the Lord has entrusted you to us.  We will continue to pray for your health, happiness, and salvation each and every day.

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