Thursday, December 15, 2016

Woods 4 Months

Happy 4 Months, sweet Baby Woods!  Your sweet personality has become so apparent this month.  I feel like you've gotten through the fussy/gassy/refluxy newborn stage and have become a happy little baby boy!

Your smile is so precious, and you do it all the time.  You smile so easily for us and especially for your Gigi. 

We just love your big blue eyes and your sweet little laugh.

You rolled back to side first, and you love to roll onto your left side for sleep in your crib.  You are in a sleep sack now - no more swaddle since you're rolling a little bit.  You have rolled front to back and did back to front on Nov. 27, but you don't roll often.

You love your paci when you're sleepy, and you go to sleep very easily when we rock you (which let's be honest - it happens all the time).  But, in your defense, you have soothed yourself back to sleep at night.  I've seen it happen on the monitor.

You are still breastfeeding when I'm with you, but you take your bottles well, too - usually 4 oz., but we try to give you 5.  

You love tummy time now and hold your head up like a boss.  You love sitting in your Bumbo and playing on your play mat.

4 Month Stats:
Height: 22.5 inches, 66%
Weight:  14 lb, 10.5 oz, 32%
Head Circ: 16.34 in, 46%

Woods, we are loving seeing your little personality shine through.  You have a sweet demeanor and seem so laid back even with the chaos that is our family.  You still wake up twice a night to eat/for paci so we wouldn't hate it if you slept 12 straight hours every night.  Otherwise, you really are the perfect baby.  Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with this healthy, lovable gift.

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