Tuesday, April 24, 2018

1, 3, and 5

I have at least one patient ask me every day how old my kids are now.  They usually begin by saying "you were pregnant the last time I saw you."  Which is usually right.  I have been pregnant a lot over the past 6 years.  This is the longest I have gone without being pregnant in quite a while.  Anyway, I respond with "1, 3, and 5.  All boys.  They definitely keep us busy.  It's wild, but it's so fun!"  That's my go-to response, and it's pretty accurate.  What's sad is, though, is that, I only have about 3 months left to say those ages.  As wild and fun as this season is, they are growing up right before our eyes.  So I'm going to savor being able to respond with "1, 3, and 5" for a little while longer.

At 1, Woods is everywhere, into everything.  He tries to do whatever his brothers do, but he's also very independent at the same time.  At 3, Wallace is brilliant.  He's incredibly smart, gifted, and skilled in ways I sometimes wish he wasn't.  At 5, Wilson is so loving, friendly, and mature.  He's our cuddler who is figuring out his likes so quickly.

I want to remember these days so I'm gonna try to write out a typical day, and I'm choosing today as my source.

I woke up around 6:30 am to Caleb getting in the shower and Wilson cuddled up next to me.  He had snuck into our bed sometime during the night.  Wallace was standing at the top of the stairs calling "Come here, Mommy!" as loud as possible about 30 minutes later.  He needed to go poop, and he wanted me to watch him.  Naturally.  After I wiped his bottom, he came downstairs and played in our bathroom while we got ready for work.  Caleb heated up their bowls of oatmeal and made our smoothie.  I got Wilson dressed for school (in his adorable little uniform) and packed his lunch box (graham crackers and blue chips for snack).  My mom arrived during all this because she keeps the kids on Tuesdays (we would die without her help!).  Caleb sprayed Wilson's hair, and I kissed his cheek.  They were off to work and school.  Wallace then had to gather up all his Nerf guns and show me and Gigi his targets upstairs.  Woods woke up around 8 am, and I scooped him out of his crib for some cuddles and fed him breakfast.  Then I headed to work.

My mom picked Wilson up at 11:30 and somehow managed to fold 3 loads of laundry in the meantime while watching Woods and Wallace.  She took them by McDonald's for their nutritious lunch.  I got home around 4:45, and we all ate an early dinner of leftovers before heading outside to play.  We did sling shots, pushed cars and trucks, and played on the swing set.  Oh, and Caleb found a baby snake in the back yard when he got home from work.  Wilson pushed Woods in Marilu's cozy coupe, and they both LOVED it.  Wallace was busy with squirt bottles and sponges.

Then we came inside for a bedtime snack - cantaloupe - and bedtime routine.  Woods goes to bed first, and we read a couple books and sing our songs.  Then I lay with Wallace until he falls asleep - "NO BOOKS!" he tells me.  Caleb lays down with Wilson, and they were all asleep by 8 pm.  Caleb and I both went for runs, and now here I am.  Trying to blog our memories and cherish these sweet, innocent days of having our boys at ages 1, 3, and 5.  Thank you, Lord, for the gift of being their parents.  We are forever thankful.

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