Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Caleb's New Truck... least for today.  One day last week, some man backed into Caleb's car.  It left a tiny little scratch on the back bumper.  By tiny, I mean you can't even see it.  You had to touch it to notice it.  But...the other man's insurance is going to pay to have it fixed.  So why not?  It is currently being repaired, and Caleb gets to drive this sweet rental truck until tomorrow.  I think he looks cute in a truck, hehe.

And on a random note, is it normal for so many people to be wiping out at the Winter Olympics?  I LOVE watching the Olympics, but I do not remember there being so many falls and such.  Craziness!  Go USA!

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Cameron said...

i was wondering the same thing about all the wipe outs!!! Last night three girls took big falls in the down hill skiing. I was getting too stressed watching them!