Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day...or any holiday for that matter!  Last year, Caleb took me to Asheville for dinner at the Grove Park Inn and then a tour of the Biltmore House the next day.  It was our first married Valentine's Day, and he was quite the romantic husband.  I was impressed.  I had to tell you that so that this year's Valentine's Day is put into perspective.  Let me just tell you what we did yesterday...

Our Taxes.  Yep, we met with an accountant and did our taxes together for the first time.  HOW ROMANTIC!

And to add to the romance, here is what I gave Caleb for Valentine's Day.

Everybody needs a good Dust Buster : )

Also, last year Caleb sent me a dozen pink roses.  They were BEAUTIFUL, and I love roses.  However, they were not cheap roses.  I told him not to worry about doing the whole dozen roses on Valentine's Day anymore.  He agreed but still showed up with these Friday afternoon.  God must be on our side because he got these for FREE.  What a deal!

After all of this, we actually did have a sweet Valentine's weekend with friends and each other.  I'll post later about the rest and my REAL present, which I LOVE!!! Happy Valentine's!!!

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