Monday, February 15, 2010


We had such a good V-Day weekend, including the unromantic Tax event, dust busters, and free roses.
For starters, it was snowing by the time I left work Friday afternoon.  And not that icy was fluffy, pretty, REAL snow.  4 inches of it!  Of course, I had to make yummy snow cream!

 Friday night was Supper Club #2, and it was at our house.  Megan and McNeil ended up staying for a slumber party b/c of the snow.  We had so much fun!  I made this red velvet heart cake for Caleb and for Supper Club dessert.  My mom has always made one for my dad, and I decided last year that I should continue the tradition.  I think he's a fan.

Here's the whole gang.  Justin and Sara McCue were too afraid of the snowy weather.  Just kidding : )  We all played Partini, one of my favorite games.  It's sorta like Cranium, but better!  We Massengills love board games.

I think the boys had fun.  This was McNeil probably trying to hum some songs.  All he could do was laugh!

One of the games that's part of Partini is Bouncers.  It's quite a complicated game involving little cups and bouncing a ball.  It is a true a challenge for the girls.

It was a fun, snowy night!  Saturday morning, I went to a wedding shower for Jeslyn, a friend from my girls Bible study group.  It was a lot of fun, and it was at the most amazing house I've ever seen!  I am so mad at myself for not taking my camera.  The kitchen was HOT PINK, and the living room LIME GREEN.  It looked amazing!  I love pink and green, and I never knew you could decorate a grown up house like that.  Even with the bright colors, it was so fancy!  It was the happiest house ever, and Jeslyn got some awesome stuff!

We then headed to do our taxes and later to hang out with the fam in Union.  We visited Mama Deanie for a little while, played cards with my parents, and then ate a yummy meal prepared by John and Brittnee.  I apologize for the raw meat in the picture...I forgot to take a cooked pic.

Finally, and the BEST part of the weekend, I got my REAL Valentine's present...

Dance Lessons!!!  I have always loved dancing and have asked Caleb to take lessons with me.  I never thought he would actually sign us up for dancing!  I cannot wait.  Apparently, we're going to do all types of dancing.  And don't worry...there will be pictures.  This gift was more than just dance's proof that Caleb really loves me.  He does not LOVE dancing, but he's willing to do it because he knows it will make me so happy!  I think I've got a pretty good Valentine : )

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*AMP* said...

You and Caleb are so stinkin' CUTE!!! Love it!