Monday, May 24, 2010

Multitude Monday

We're thankful for... 

71.  15 hours in the car with Caleb this weekend, including playing "Go Fish" while driving

72.  making it to the gas station when we were down to 10 miles to empty...ahhhh!

73.  catchy titles/slogans that I don't get.  yay for translations from non-blondes.  "sausage" = "saw such" for all your blondes like me ; )

74.  being a tourist in Tallahassee.  Here's the capitol!

75.  silly boys on the campus of FSU

76.  Bodie the photographer...still at FSU.  It was a really pretty campus!

77.  pretty fountains!

78.  posing with statues

79.  talking to statues

80.  having a wonderful weekend with great friends!

1 comment:

Rossie said...

Hey Kathryn, You don't know me but I've been following your blog from Courtney Molony's. My husband and I live in Tallahassee and on our way home to South Carolina we ALWAYS stop at Striplings. It's such a funny little middle-of nowhere gas station and the people there are always so friendly. I hope you enjoyed Tallahassee. - Rossie Koon