Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Painter's Wedding!

The whole reason for our trip to Tallahassee was for Caleb's roommate's wedding.  Jesse (better known by his last name of Painter) and Amanda had a beautiful wedding, and we were so happy to be there!!

Here's the couple just before cutting the cake.  Jesse gave such a sweet toast.

Preston, Mitchell, and Caleb

Caleb with the GROOM!  

All the Oconee County boys...high school friends.

This picture was the PC football boys, but a few of the OC ones jumped in, too.  No surprise.  Go Blue Hose!

Although there was no fight AT ALL for it, Shane caught the garter.  He is quite possibly the funniest person ever.  Those boys act like they're scared of it...wimps.  Not Shane though.  He took it!

A few of the roommates with the bride and groom.  They had a blast!

All the PC people!  There's nothing like a good ole PC wedding.

I have no idea what was happening here, but I'm sure it was hilarious.

Foley showed off his dancing skills??  Or lack of?  Just kidding!

Sparklers!  And a crown, hehe!  So glad ya'll were there!

Saying goodbye to the happy couple!

It was a great reunion for all the boys, and they had a wonderful time celebrating!  It makes me so happy to see them all together, even though they can give me a hard time sometimes.  I know Jesse and Amanda are having an amazing time in Jamaica right now!  We are so happy for you two!

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