Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grown Up

I can't believe I'm 25...sounds so mature, HA!  As if the Melting Pot wasn't enough to make a girl have a happy birthday, Caleb cooked me breakfast Friday morning.  No more dry cereal this year...bacon, eggs, and biscuits.  Yum!  He also cleaned the WHOLE house!  Not to mention he gave me a few sweet b-day surprises.  Thanks : )

We had birthday dinner at my parent's house Friday night.  Who doesn't love a steak and veggies?

I got so many cute things for my b-day, and I especially loved this little decoration.  A lady my mom works with made it for me, and mom gave me a little display stand for it also.  

John and Brittnee gave me the new Beth Moore book, and I already got started reading it.  And Jordan gave me a very pretty Vera Bradley pen.  Thanks guys!  Ya'll are presh...even though Brittnee did write "Cry Baby" on my card.  Apparently, I whine when I lose a game to she and John.

Cutting my yummy birthday cake!  It was from Sam's, and I highly recommend their cakes now!

We all look pretty exhausted after a long day of work, but thanks for coming to celebrate my 25th!

We went to the beach Saturday morning until last night with Caleb's fam and had a blast!  It made for a great birthday : )  Being a grown up (haha) isn't so bad!

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