Monday, June 28, 2010


We traveled to Smithfield, NC this weekend for the Ingram reunion.  Smithfield is a cute little town where Caleb's dad grew up.  It was so special to see the town and all that goes along with it.  There was a story for every road, tree, etc., and I love that!

I have heard endless stories about the White Swan since Caleb and I started dating.  His mom has replicated their barbecue, and I was able to try the original this weekend.  It was delish!

We had to pose with the sign.  You would understand why if you knew how many times I've heard about this place.  To finally see it in person was incredible, HA!

We were able to spend some QT with our favorite boys this weekend!

How cute are they?!

Ben is now taking steps by himself, but he prefers to have one little finger to hold onto.  It's so sweet.  He's also waving now and mimicking certain words.  His "Heyyyy" is the cutest thing ever!  Besides those curls, of course!

And Garrison - well, he's 90 mph all the time.  He talks in complete sentences, and he uses words like "actually."  He is the smartest 2 year old I know.  His laugh can make me smile for days!

This is probably how their mommies feel after most days!

We hung out on the STAGE, aka the front porch Sunday morning.  This house is where Caleb's grandfather lived, and it is such a perfect, classic "homey" home.

Garrison and I spent some time swinging Sunday afternoon.  It was a great workout, and the breeze was awesome in the 100 degree weather.

The Thugs - Caleb and Ben

And here's a few of us at the Ingram Reunion.

I'm so glad I was finally able to see the White Swan, and more importantly, Smithfield.

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Alyssa said...

As happy as I am for you that you got to go to the "white swam" and see smithfield...I missed you in spartanburg. I had to walk around the westgate mall without you. It made me very sad! But I hope you had fun at the fam are a good wife, haha :)