Monday, August 9, 2010

The Boat

Caleb and I had not planned to go to the lake this weekend because we had a few other things going on, but we were informed Friday night that there was a "surprise!"  I love surprises so we had to go!

My daddy finally caved and bought a boat!  My mom has been asking telling him to make this purchase for a while now, and he has told her that he was going to wait until after Labor Day to get a good deal.  She's about as gullible as they come so when he told her that he only rented this boat for the weekend, she believed him.  Both of my brothers and Caleb were in on the joke, too.  I'm not a good liar at all so I tried to tell her that he bought it.  Finally, my daddy told her the truth, and she was so excited!

Here it is!  I think we're going to really enjoy it.

My dad's sister, Margie, and her husband came to visit at the lake on Saturday, and it was lots of fun!  Here's the brother sister duo.  There's NO telling how much trouble these 2 used to get into as children.

Tyson and Kobe have really grown!  I guess that's what happens to puppies!

And a little more exciting news...
Brittnee, John's GF, got into school!  She applied to the Radiology program in Spartanburg, and she starts later this month!  Woo Hoo!

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