Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Courtney & Casey

I was able to celebrate 2 friends this weekend, Courtney and Casey.

Courtney and I graduated from MUSC together, and it was so sweet to share in her special day as she married Robbie.  They met at Clemson a few years ago, and they seem SO happy!

Here's a few of the MUSC girls.  It was tons of fun to catch up with everybody and hear about all the jobs.  It's crazy that we've all been in the working world for about a year now!  Everybody had a few exciting PA stories to share.

On Sunday, we celebrated Casey at a wedding shower.  Casey and I cheered together at PC, and I was so excited to see all of these girls.  Here's the hostess pic.  Aren't they cute?  (It's hard to tell which one is the bride between Casey and Justine's flowers on the dress, HA!)

The shower was at our coach's house, and it felt like a cheerleading Christmas party all over again.  She had done a lot of work at her house, and it looked SO good!

I wanted to do a stunt for this picture, but they decided to save it for the wedding.

I had to snap a quick pic with Amanda's precious little girl!  She is hilarious!

ICE!  Apparently, I'm old and wayyyy uncool because I have not even heard of this "game" where you give someone a Smirnoff ICE at an inappropriate time, and they have to chug it.

Quite amusing.  Can't wait for Casey and Clay's wedding in October!

It was lots of fun celebrating 2 special friends this weekend!

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