Friday, August 6, 2010

Toes and Toys

It's kinda embarrassing to admit this, but I haven't had a pedicure since May.  And I don't exactly have the prettiest feet ever.  Heidi and I fixed this problemo by having awesome pedicures after work yesterday, and it was so nice.  She is always up for a pedicure, and when I say always, I mean always.  It doesn't matter when I ask her, she's in!  So thanks, Heidi, for getting your toes cute with me yesterday!

Caleb and I decided we were going on a date last night, and we were debating between Inception and Toy Story 3.  I decided that Inception would probably give me a headache from trying to understand, and Caleb would probably end up frustrated from having to explain everything to me.  Typical.

So we picked:

It's a hit, and I think everybody should see it!  It really takes me back to my childhood with Barbie and Ken's dream house, and it makes me never want to get rid of a toy again.  And maybe I missed this in the first 2 movies, but is there not a Daddy in Toy Story?  Sad.

Anyway, go see Toy Story 3!  Don't be embarrassed if you laugh out loud or cry.  We did both.

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