Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gregory Beach Trip Part 2

One of my favorite parts of the whole beach trip was our day on the Intercoastal Waterway.  My cousin Kip lives there, and he took us out on his boat for the day on Friday.

Here's my parents watching us leave for a very fun boat ride!

There are some incredible houses on the waterway!

Caleb was loving it.  All he needs is a boat and some water, and he's happy : )

All the cousins on the boat!

Caleb slalom-ing... Is that a word?

John was so focused and concentrated so hard!

Woo Hoo!  Waving is my only trick right now.

Anna won the prize for most graceful fall!

And Brittnee wins best NO HANDS prize!

We stopped by The Boathouse for appetizers and a little volleyball match on our way home.  It may be my new favorite place!

We drove home to this awesome sunset!  It was such a wonderful day!

We had dinner at another one of our favorites, Prossers, Saturday night.  It's a good ole home cookin' buffet with seafood in Murrells Inlet.  Talk about YUM!

My family loves a good competition, especially when it involves Putt Putt.  And yes, Brittnee beat John.  Attagirl!

Caleb and I just play for fun ; )  Aka he beat me.  In fact, everybody beat me.

Jordan just pretended to be Happy Gilmore the entire night.

It was a very eventful, entertaining vacation!

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