Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So let's be honest.  Half of those "blogs i follow" are people I don't know in real life.  They're just sweet, funny, or inspirational blogs I've heard about and occasionally read.  There are a handful of those on the list that I actually know.  One of those is Pieces with the Reeses.  Anna and Ryan are such a sweet couple, and we were so excited to have dinner with them last night.  They just recently moved to Greenville, and we met at a Chinese restaurant called Lieu's.

It was yummy, but they give you a TON of food.  So beware when ordering!

After making fun of our blogs, we decided we needed a picture to document the occasion.  My anti-blog husband Caleb pulled out his blackberry and snapped this high quality pic.

So check out Lieu's and the Reese's.  We had so much fun and can't wait to do it again sometime!


Alyssa said...

WISH I WAS THERE! Two of my favorite people hanging out without me :( Glad yall had a good time!

Ryan & Anna said...

I loved it, girl. So fun! Hope Caleb doesn't have a copyright on the photo because I will probably be stealing it later. We missed you, Alyssa! Plus, Kathryn said you warned her that we are always late...haha!!