Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Momma!

We celebrated my mom's 50-something birthday last night at John and Jordan's house!  John, Jordan, and Brittnee did most of the cooking.  My contribution was salad and dessert.  It's nice to prepare a meal for our parents and not let them do anything.

Here's the classic timer group pic.

I think Mom liked my peanut butter pie made with Splenda.  I wanted to do something at least  semi-okay for a diabetic.

My dad wrapped her present in newspaper!  I'm not exactly sure what she thought about it, but she pretended to love her new fishing pole!

We hadn't seen John and Jordan's dogs in a while, and they have gotten SO big.  And SO crazy.  They just kept jumping and tackling each other.  Jordan ran around with them for a little while so we could watch just how insane they are.  Hilarious!

We had lots of fun celebrating Mom!  She does so much for all of us so it's nice to do something for her!

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