Monday, November 22, 2010

Kelsey & DR's wedding

One of Caleb's good friends from PC, named DR, married a PC volleyball player, Kelsey, Friday night.  It was such a pretty wedding.  They are 2 tall people, and the short little preacher could barely be seen over them.

Their wedding was at Daniel Chapel at Furman, and the reception was at the Upcountry History Museum in downtown Greenville.  It was such a neat place for a reception, and my friend Gail is having hers there in March.  So excited!

Here's the happy couple making their entrance at the reception!

Caleb's friends are always entertaining, and it was great catching up with them!

Here's the groom, Caleb, and Fox - typical.

DR & Kelsey are such a perfect couple. and we know that God is going to bless their marriage!  We are so happy for ya'll : )

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