Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lacey's Wedding!

After all those parties, Lacey & Kyle finally had a wedding!  It was beautiful!  Not to be selfish, but it was so neat to be a part of a wedding on the same weekend as ours 2 years ago.  It brought back so many happy memories, and plenty of new ones were made.

Their reception was at the country club in Newberry, and it was  Here's Lacey and her daddy during their dance.  Her dad is a HOOT.

I think we danced for 4 hours straight that night, and my feet hurt so badly by the time we left.  I had so much fun seeing all of these girls!

These 4 couples have spent many a night at rehearsal dinners and weddings.  We love every second of it!  I wish we could all live closer to each other, but it makes each event that much more exciting.  Love ya'll!!!

We car-pooled with Ellice and Charlie.  It was so nice having someone from Spartanburg to ride with back and forth to Newberry.  Our ride home Saturday night was quite eventful...

Lacey & Kyle are off to the Dominican Republic now!  I hope they're having a blast!  I hope they have a happy honeymoon and a blessed marriage!

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