Thursday, December 23, 2010

More from the Bahamas!

Our first stop was Freeport.  We did a little shopping in the straw market, but we headed straight to the beach!

The boys were in the water within minutes.  The sunny, warm weather was perfect!

Lucaya Beach was beautiful, and we had a great time just enjoying the beach.  We decided to go on a private boat ride with a local tour guide later in the day.  He took us by Snoop Dog and Tiger Woods' homes in Freeport, and we saw some dolphins doing tricks.  We ended the boat ride on banana boats back to the resort.

It was so exciting riding the banana boat through the ocean 4 days before Christmas!

Later that night, Caleb won us a trophy on a game show on the boat!  Way to go!

Allen was the runner for a ship-wide treasure hunt, and he needed a man in a bikini ASAP.  Caleb decided to be a great friend and man-up for the challenge.


Our next stop was Nassau.  We did the Aquaventure Excursion at the Atlantis resort.  The Atlantis is ridiculous, and I could totally go back there sometime.

We did every water slide they have, including this straight down one called "Leap of Faith."

It was by far the coolest water park ever.  The "Lazy" river was more like white water rapids, and we loved it!  We were having a great time in the water in our bathing suits while the workers were wearing sweat shirts and pants.  They probably thought we were all idiots being so excited for 75 degree weather...

It was an incredible experience, and I am so glad we were able to go!  I love that our anniversary is in December, and we will always have an excuse to go on a trip this time of year.

Yay for the Bahamas!

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