Monday, January 24, 2011


On Friday night, like 3 days ago, our realtor came over to snap some pictures of our house.  We decided to put our house on the market after much prayer, conversation, analyzing, and thinking.  It is a BIG decision for us because this house is our FIRST house.  We absolutely love it, but we do want something a little bigger.  I'm sure I'll cry like a baby once it actually does sell.  I got a little emotional just signing the papers with Darrelene, or D-Dog, our realtor.  She does not know we call her D-Dog so don't tell.  Caleb came up with it during the closing on our current home in 2008.  Who knows?

Well, on Saturday, 2 days ago, Caleb sent me a message saying there was a showing at 3 pm.  How crazy is that?!  Just one day after taking pics for the listing!  I was at Gail's shower in Greenville, and I got so excited/scared.  I assumed Caleb was playing a joke on me, but he wasn't.  Lacey and Kyle were staying with us for the night so we rushed home to prepare for evacuation of the house for the showing.

Lacey used to be a realtor so she was clutch.  Anything with our faces on it came down.  No personal pictures.  No shower invitations.  No baby announcements.  No save the dates.  The refrigerator was stripped.  Even our "M" flag outside was thrown in the back of the car.  We did some quick last minute cleaning, flipped on all the lights, and we were out the door!  I felt like such a terrible host, and I'm so glad Lacey and Kyle were so understanding.

We journeyed over to Target during the showing.  I have a feeling I'm gonna do a lotta damage there whenever the house is being shown, and I'm not complaining.  We haven't gotten any feedback yet from the showing, but it's still exciting to know that somebody just wanted to see it!

Once we were allowed back inside the house, we got ready for dinner at the Piedmont Club, thanks to Ellice's mom, Anne.  She even got us our own private room.  We felt so VIP-ish.

It was a crazy, fun Saturday!

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