Sunday, March 27, 2011


Wouldn't it be nice to be in 90 degree sunny Florida this weekend?  Caleb would know.  He went to a bachelor party with his friends from PC, and he sent me sunny pictures all weekend of the boys on a yacht.  Yea, yea yea.

Apparently, boys only take pictures with their phones, and they aren't the best quality in the world.  I happened to snap a couple pics of them Wednesday night before they left.  2 of them came to our house for a sleepover since they flew out from GSP bright and early Thursday.

I'm so glad they FINALLY used our fire pit.  Caleb's parents gave it to us at one of our wedding parties, and we've been too lazy to use it.  It looked pretty awesome!

They spent 3 days on boats...sounds pretty miserable, huh?  I don't feel sorry for 'em.  I'm actually a teeny bit jealous.

Here's Caleb the Captain.  (except I think it's just pretend)

I think they had a good time in Florida celebrating Jeff.  Us girls went on a trip to Myrtle Beach for some shopping and good eating.  Anna and I were able to carpool so that was fun.  The weather was nothing to write home about...40s and rainy.  Oh, well.  It just gave us more of an excuse to shop!

I'm ready for the warm weather and sunshine to come back!!!

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