Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cooper River Bridge Run

Why would anybody with a brain pay money to wake up early and run 6.2 miles?  Well, it's a great  excuse to eat pasta, get a t-shirt, and hang out with family and friends!  That's why!

 We had a group of 6 of us run together this year, and Caleb's parents agreed to drop all of us off at the starting line.  Being dropped off is awesome because it saves you so much time from riding the bus over from downtown.  So, thanks ya'll!

This ride was a bit more eventful thanks to our friend Matt.  He had a combination of coffee, gatorade, and race anxiety on the way over while in traffic.  He had to tee tee, and we had an empty Gatorade bottle for him...You do the math.

The race itself was great - perfect weather, tons of people, and great music and costumes to entertain.  We all kinda lost each other during the run, but Matt and I ended up staying together somehow.  I could not find the rest of our group for anything after the run, and I was getting a bit nervous with so many strangers surrounding me. 

Finally, we were reunited!

Caleb's sister Erin, Caleb, me, Leanne, Andrew, Lacey, Kyle, and Matt

Here's a post run family pic.  Note to self:  wear a hat next time ; )

Thank ya'll so much for driving us all around Charleston all weekend!

After cleaning up a bit, we went to East Bay Deli for a delicious lunch.  We spent the rest of the day shopping on King Street and just hanging out with Caleb's parents and Erin.

Matt and Alyssa, thanks for letting us stay at your house all weekend!  We had so much fun!

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