Monday, June 13, 2011

my 26th

My dad pointed out to my yesterday that I  never did a blog about my 26th birthday.  Well, 26 isn't THAT big of a deal to me.  I mean, 25 was kinda cool, but the next big one is gonna be 30.  And that one will hit me hard, I'm sure, HA.  However, I had an awesome 26th birthday with lots of friends and family, and I decided to do a little recap.

2 days before my b-day, our supper club went out to dinner and a movie.  Megan surprised me with this incredibly yummy cookie cake.  

It was a fun night with good friends! 

The boys weren't in the picture-taking mood.

John proposed on my birthday eve, allowing me to see lots of fun people that night at their engagement celebration.  You can see that post below.  It was so special spending that night with Mama.  She was told she was coming to a surprise b-day party for me at the lake, and she found out the real reason for the family get-together on the way!  So exciting!

On my actual birthday, we had b-day breakfast at the lake house, and I opened lots of fun gifts.  I am so spoiled by my family, and I loved my thoughtful presents!  My sweet little brother Jordan brought me this birthday cake.

He told me it was banana (random) and that I needed to smell it to believe it.  He then smashed my face into the cake covering me in icing.  He turned out to be a not-so-sweet little brother, HA.  Oh, the life I live with 2 brothers...

We went for a little boat ride on my b-day, too!  Here's mom with her new soon-to-be daughter in law : )

Finally, we drove to Ocean Isle on my birthday for a week long beach vacay with Caleb's fam.  Garrison helped me blow out my candles on my delicious strawberry b-day cake made by Caleb's mom.

My 26th birthday was a very fun-filled day!  Thanks for making it so special : )

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