Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chimney Rock

I have been such a sucker lately for Groupon and Living Social Deals, but they really do make for fun dates.  Caleb and I had a half price at The Peddler earlier this week, and he's doing a photography class in a few weeks that I bought for a great deal.  A month or so ago, I bought 2 passes to Chimney Rock for half price, and we finally had a day to go on Saturday.  It's only about an hour from our house, and it was a fun half day trip.

Here's the "chimney" from just below it.  It really does kinda look a chimney.

We aren't exactly avid hikers, so it's a Kodak moment any time it happens.

When we made it to the top, we were pouring with sweat (as you can see in this picture).

There were plenty of people around us, much older and a bit heavier, who weren't sweating or out of breath at all.  We were SO confused!  Until we figured out you could ride a doggone bus up the mountain that drops you off right at the chimney.  Caleb and I hiked the Four Seasons Trail listed as "a great workout" on the website.  That's what you get for not really looking at the map.  We thought it was the only way up.

Oh, well.  It was worth it for the awesome view, and we got in some great exercise!

 And because I have way too much of my mom in me, I have to buy some sort of souvenir everywhere I go.  I wasn't exactly dying to have a Chimney Rock t-shirt so good ole rock candy won.  I used to love buying this stuff on field trips.  Yum!

We had lunch at an Italian restaurant across from Lake Lure, and here's our view from lunch.

It was such a fun date!  Next time, though, we'll ride the bus up the mountain so we have time to check out the waterfall!

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