Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Job!

Well, sort of.  Caleb still has his real full time at the TV station, but he has agreed to be the sideline reporter for the PC football team this year.  Yea, just like Erin Andrews with ESPN.  Except 2 people listening vs. the 2 million people, HA.

I'm SO proud of him, and I know he's gonna do great (and hopefully have lots of fun!).  He's kinda nervous about it, but I just had to remind him of the small following PC football has.  His parents may very well be the only ones listening on the radio, ha!

So, if you're looking for us this fall, that's where we'll be.  At every PC football game.  Go Blue Hose!

And just for fun, here's Caleb in action back in the day.

ESPN is gonna be callin' soon : )

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Alyssa said...

GO CALEB!!! There will be four people listening because Matt and I would NEVER miss caleb announcing the game! And my parents love Caleb so much that they'll probably be tuning in as well :) Thats six...hope that doesn't make him nervous, haha! So glad I finally know some one famous!