Friday, August 5, 2011

Gregory Beach Trip 2k11

I love our annual trip to Myrtle Beach, not for the relaxation, but for the excitement.  My brothers know nothing about vacation to relax.  It's always a jam packed few days.  We had dinner our first night at Bubba's Fish Shack in Surfside.  It's a good thing it was called a shack because we did not get all gussied up.

the 3 sisters.

We entertained ourselves with crayons while waiting on our food in the heat.

Caleb took engagement pictures for John and Britt at Huntington Beach one day.  There's an old castle there and lots of fun sites.  He took about 700 pics of them.  Jordan and I went along for entertainment, and I think we did a good job of that : )

We played putt-putt twice while we were there.  I came in LAST both times.  We all had fun playin' though.  It was Anna's first time playing since she got knocked in the head with a golf club in high school.  Yay for conquering the fear!

We've been talking about a family beach pic for several years now, and we finally did it on our way out Wednesday morning.  We were hot and sweaty, which made for a quick chance at a picture.  Caleb worked his timer magic, and here we are.  One happy Gregory family!

It was a fun beach vacation.  Can't wait till next year's : )

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