Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trip to Turbeville

Caleb and I headed to the big city of Turbeville after work on Friday to see Abbie and Allen.  Abbie is one of my best friends from PA school, and we absolutely love hanging out with them.  They're just good people.  Abbie's entire family lives within a 5 mile radius, and they are the definition of a small town fam.  We were greeted with a yummy steak dinner and had a great time with them Friday night catching up and laughing a lot.

We had breakfast at Chat-n-Chew Saturday morning, one of about 3 restaurants in the entire city.  It was delicious, of course.  Afterwards, Abbie and Allen took us on a tour of the city, which took all of 10 minutes, followed by a new favorite...Grape Icee from Bojangle's.  Random, but oh so refreshing.

We were sad to leave them Saturday morning, but we were headed to Myrtle Beach with my family so that made it a little better.  We met up with the Gregory's in Turbeville, and we were on our way!

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