Monday, October 24, 2011

Caleb's 1st Deer

This story may not seem like much to anybody else reading it, but Caleb's desire to shoot a deer goes back a little bit.

I've picked on Caleb for being a city boy since I've known him.  I feel like I have the right to do that since I grew up way out in the sticks surrounded by woods.  His comeback was always that he has horses in his back yard in Watkinsville.  It's still a neighborhood, and we don't have neighborhoods where I come from. Just woods.  Lots of trees and woods.

My dad is an avid hunter in those woods.  He loves it.  It really is a pretty relaxing activity and one that would probably be good for me if I had an ounce of patience and the ability to be quiet.  He's killed several deer, and Caleb has been wanting to do the same since he started hanging out with the Gregory's.  Last Christmas, Caleb saw his first deer while he was in the tree stand.  I've been blamed for 10 months now for his missing that deer because I just happened to send him a text message while he was looking at the deer.  That's what you get for being a high-tech hunter.

So, last night, mom and I were cooking supper while Caleb was out in the woods trying to kill a deer.  Jordan and Kayla were out riding 4-wheelers and possibly hunting, too.  Caleb called me to see if dinner was ready.  I guess he was getting bored and hungry by this point.  Mom said it'd be another 20 minutes or so, so he decided to stay out there.  

2 minutes later, we hear a big BOOM.  

Bev:  I just heard a shot!
Curt:  Ah, it doesn't mean anything.  Look who we got out there huntin'.  

(a little crack at the city boy I do believe)

2 seconds later, my phone rings.

Caleb:  I think I got me a deer!!!

I could hardly understand him.  He sounded like a kid on Christmas morning.  Daddy and I hopped on the 4-wheeler and went out to find him.  He didn't stop cheesin' for an hour.

We didn't have our good camera, but the iPhone did the job.  I have a couple of videos of the attempt to get Bambi out of the woods, too.  I guess we'll be enjoying some deer meat in a few weeks.   Ewww.

Anyway, I'm so proud of Caleb, and I know he feels like a true country boy now!

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Alyssa said...

wow...what have yall done to poor, little Caleb?