Monday, October 17, 2011

The Closing!

We are saying goodbye to our sweet townhouse after 3 fun years there.  Caleb bought it in July of 2008, and we have absolutely loved it.  There was no maintenance, and it was so easy to keep clean.  We decided to start looking for houses about a year ago (because somebody wants a yard), and we never really found anything we loved.  We tried to sell the townhouse for about 6 months and then took it off the market.  Then we found a house we just LOVED and had to buy.  Of course it happens when you aren't really looking.  After lots of talking, praying, and even a little crying, we decided to buy it!  I am gonna miss our first place together, but I think I'll quickly get over it in the new house.  But...if anybody is looking for a great 3 bedroom townhouse, it's FOR SALE : )

We closed on the new house last Tuesday, and here's a few pics of the day.  It was my first closing!

I signed my name approximately 3,479 times.

Here's our realtor, Darrelene, but we like to call her D-Dog.  I'm not sure she knows that...?  She has been SO good to us, and we are thankful to have someone guide us through the whole process.

And here we are with the attorney.  His dad is a physician (actually the doctor who delivered me), and he just recently retired from the practice where I work.  Such a small world!

D Dog brought us Carolina BBQ for dinner our first night in the new house!

She even put our name on the mailbox for us!  It was not a pretty day outside.  We'll get a better picture sometime : )

Yay!  We never would have been able to get through the whole buying a house process without all of the advice from our awesome family.  So thank ya'll SOOOO much!  We feel so blessed to have a new place to call home!

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