Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PC Homecoming!

Caleb and I spent last Saturday in Clinton for PC's Homecoming.  I told somebody I had NEVER missed a PC Homecoming.  I then remembered I've only been out of college for 4 years, making it a little less impressive, haha.  Anyway, I love going back for Homecoming and seeing lots of friends, especially when they surprise you with hall t-shirts from sophomore year when I was the super cool RA.  We were the VIP's, or so we thought.  Man, we were cool...  : )

We hosted  tailgate shower for Brittany & Matt before the game.  Lizann is the best MOH ever.  She brought Lattimore, one of her sweet little pups to the game Saturday.  He was presh.

Meredith made lots of cute decorations for the shower!

Hostess pic!  I had so much fun doing this shower with all of you.  And a huge thanks to Lizann's mom for making all of the yummy food!

A few of the ZTA's at the shower!

You know you're kinda a big deal with the president of the college comes to your wedding shower.  He even enjoyed one of our beers.

They got tons of cute gifts.  I can't believe the wedding is less than 3 weeks away!

John & Britt came to the game, too!  It was Brittnee's first PC game.  Go HOSE!

I finally got to hang out with my little reporter after the game.

It was a very fun Homecoming!

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Alyssa said...

WHAT?!?! The VIP tshirt! I completely forgot about that. I need to find mine immediately! Love the blue skirt, perfect for PC games...whered you find it? Love yoU!