Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving and Garrison is 4

Caleb and I went to Georgia Friday afternoon for more Thanksgiving celebrations.  Of course, we had another delicious meal and gained probably 10 more pounds.  But it's the holidays so it's fine : )

Garrison's birthday party is usually Thanksgiving weekend, adding extra excitement.  I cannot believe he is FOUR years old.  That sounds so OLD.  He's not a baby anymore.  

He's a little bit obsessed with fire trucks so his party was at the fire station this year.

He had a fire truck cake, and we even got a tour of the fire station!

We gave Garrison a Fire Chief beanie and Mater Golf before his party.  He kinda looks like a thug in the beanie.

He was able to spray the hose and drive a fire truck at his party on Saturday!  We had a blast hanging out with our 2 favorite nephews.

That's a good thing because there's another one on the way!!!  Well, we don't know if it's a NIECE or a NEPHEW, but there's one a-coming : )  Garrison is going to be a BIG BROTHER.

He shared the news with us when he came to visit a week ago, and we are SO excited for him!  I think he's gonna be a great big brother!

We ended Thanksgiving weekend by taking pictures for the Massengill Christmas card.

It was a great weekend, and Christmas will be here before we know it : )

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