Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blinds and Door Stops

A title like that sounds like the most exciting blog post ever, huh?  I bet you could hardly wait to read this one.  Well, it's exciting stuff to us.  We really do feel like adults now with a REAL house that needs REAL stuff done to it.  I want to try and remember all the little things we do to make this house ours.

The lady who lived here before had mini blinds up on several of the windows, but she had taken some down at random.  We decided to just remove them all and replace them with the 2 inch faux wood blinds.  I got a coupon in the mail from Lowe's for blind installation for $118.  What??  Caleb the Blind Installer did it for FREE!

Here he is getting started in our bedroom (which now has SOME furniture...we're still waiting on our doggone bed.  Thank God for a mattress, box springs, and a bed frame).  I didn't take an after picture of the blinds, but they look great!  We got quicker by the time he made it to the guest bedroom.  We worked as a pretty good team during the installation process.  I was a little bored with it by the last window and may have started whining like a 2 year old then.

We also installed door stops on all the interior doors.  A simple, yet necessary, step.  Caleb is turning into quite the handyman.  Is it weird that I'm starting to enjoy trips to Lowe's?  It's becoming my second home.

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