Tuesday, December 6, 2011

9 Ladies Dancing

And my brother trying, too!

In my 26 years of life, I have NEVER seen my brother John dance.  Aside from maybe one attempt at the Blind Horse on Brittnee's 21st birthday.  (we won't go there)  

Until this weekend.  He was in the church's Christmas play, and our whole family went to see it on Friday night.  I would say it was the best $10 I ever spent, but my parents bought my ticket.  So I guess it's the best $10 they ever spent. 

Not only because of the wonderful Christmas message and getting us in the spirit, but for the opportunity to see John do multiple choreographed dances on stage.

He finally cracked a smile.

Look at that focus.

It was priceless.  The play was called "For Unto Ya'll, A Country Christmas."  It was perfect.  I had a great time and am glad for the reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

John might get some dancin' shoes from Santa this year...

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