Monday, February 27, 2012

the aunts & uncles

Baby Massengill is gonna have lots of fun aunts and uncles to play with.  Caleb and I really loved deciding how and when we were going to tell them about their future niece or nephew.  We actually told  Anna, John, Jordan, and Brittnee a little earlier than I had planned because of a ski trip.  I didn't really think going snow skiing down a big ole mountain was a good idea at 8 weeks pregnant so we had to have some sort of an excuse to get out of it.  

Remember that mountain weekend trip on MLK weekend?  That's when we told.  I just withheld a few pictures last time.

Everybody met at our house for pizza before hitting the road that night.  Anna got there an hour or so before everybody else, and I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it in from her for too long.  It was hard enough just waiting on Caleb to get home from work.  Well, pretty much as soon as he got there, it was time to tell, in the middle of eating pizza.

I had bibs made for the 4 of them.  It took Anna a second to get it, but then she went crazy excited!  And Caleb actually had the camera around : )

Brittnee shed some tears, and the Gregory's are not known for crying.  So we all had to make fun of her emotional-ness.  It was really sweet, and she's gonna be such a great aunt!

My mom and dad were finally able to use their cups, and Mom of course showed up with some presents for the baby.
   Please read the mug.  It cracked me up. 

All 4 of these crazy aunts and uncles put their bibs on for a  picture at the mountain house.  Baby M is gonna be one lucky kid!  So blessed to have such fun people to play with/change diapers/feed him or her.  Right ?  ; )

We also let Great Aunt Jeanie in on the news!  She was trying to find my baby bump, but I told her it would be a little while.

Everyone was so excited, and we were thrilled to have the news out in the open with a few people!

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