Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Telling Baby M's cousins was very exciting, too!  He/She will have 3 big cousins to play with!  Garrison will be 4, Ben 3, and Wellsleigh only 3 months old at the time we're expecting Baby Massengill to arrive!  How exciting!

We wanted to tell the cousins (and their moms and dad, aka the other aunts and uncles) in a special way, too!

We went to Georgia for Caleb's birthday weekend.  As soon we arrived, we carried in 2 Valentine's bag with goodies for Ben & Garrison.  Inside the gift bag was this:

Caleb has called the baby "Gummi Bear" ever since our 8 week ultrasound.  Sorry for the often hated uterus picture, but it needed a visual aid.  It really did kinda look like a gummi bear.  And it would just wiggle around.  So cute!  

Jimbob was the first to catch on, and he told Garrison to go show his mommy his special gummi bears.  They again were all so surprised and excited!  It was awesome!

Erin with Wellsleigh (at 24ish weeks) and me with Gummi Bear (at 10ish weeks).

Gummi Bear will be one loved little baby.  Lots of wonderful aunts and uncles and special cousins to love life with!  We are SO excited!

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