Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life Group

I've mentioned before how much Caleb and I really enjoy our small group/life group/Bible study.  We've been in the same group for almost 3 years now, and we feel so lucky for those friendships.  We've celebrated lots of fun things with them, including pregnancies!  A few months ago, we decided our next study would be "Shepherding a child's heart."  Everyone in the group had kids and/or was pregnant, except us.  Well, we were pregnant, but they didn't know we were pregnant.

Caleb and I were a little afraid they were going to kick us out of the group if we didn't hurry and let them know we too were going to have a  child's heart to shepherd.

So a few weeks ago, we volunteered to bring dessert.  We will occasionally bring cookie cake with things like "Yay Jesus" or "Jesus loves you" written in icing.  This cookie cake was different!

How crazy is it that all 6 couples in our small group are preggo at the same time?!  We are so incredibly blessed!

In order:  Stacie had Luke yesterday!  Melissa is due with Bennett in May.  Julia is due with Sarah Patton at the end of May/early June.  Janell is expecting in July.  Katherine is due 5 days before us.  And then there's me.

We will have so many fun babies to play with soon!  There are already a few in the group, and it just keeps multiplying!  Praise the Lord for all of these amazing miracles!!!

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