Friday, May 4, 2012

2 week vacay

Caleb and I both feel like the last 2-3 weeks were a little mini vacation staying with my parents.  I'm not gonna lie.  Originally, when we were told we had to be out of our house by the next day, and we couldn't move back in for at least 2 weeks, we sort of panicked.  There's so much we need to be doing at home, as far as getting the nursery ready (there's still no progress), and where would we go?  We could have stayed at a hotel, but we're both so glad we didn't.

We decided to move out to the country with my parents, and it really was a lotta fun.  Aside from the perks of my mom doing our laundry and cooking our dinner (spoiled, I know), we just felt like it was a little get away.  For whatever reason, the everyday pressures at home disappear when you're out in the country.  It's just more laid back.  Plus we were able to carpool to work each day.  Who doesn't love an extra 30 minutes together in the car each morning?

So, after a toilet leaked, mold grew, and hardwood floors waffled, we are now back safely in our house with brand new hardwoods.  And a new vanity, toilet, and selection of wallpaper coming soon!

Here's the powder room where all the trouble began.

And the hallway where the floors were affected

I don't really have any good "after" pictures, but the floors were stained a bit darker this time.  We REALLY like it.  The bathroom re-do should be completed soon!

It's funny how sometimes God just knows when you need a little break from real life : )

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