Monday, May 7, 2012

Nurse Anna

My cousin Anna graduated from USC Upstate last Tuesday night as a Registered Nurse.  If you know Anna, or knew her several years ago, you would understand how outrageous this may seem.  I remember going with Anna when she was younger to have her vaccines and such, and she would kick, scream, and yell to avoid needles.  She freaked out in doctor's offices and had to sit down sometimes when "icky" stuff happened.  But...she always loved to "pick" at things.  For lack of a better example, any time anybody has a zit to pop, she would rush to mess with it.

I guess that fascination with helping people fix "icky" things led her to nursing school.  She has gone through such a transformation over the past few months during this schooling process.  Anna has told me stories and done things that I never imagined she would do, like caring for decubitus ulcers and flying to Ecuador.  I am SO proud of her, and I know she will be an excellent nurse!  I'm trying to convince her to work in L&D so she can deliver Wilson in August : )

Here's the cute graduate on graduation night.

Anna and her fan club after graduation

Jeremy, Zach, and Anna

Way to go, Nurse Anna!  We are SO proud of you!  Love you : )

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